Whitmans Sampler Metal Cigar Box Style Guitar

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Whitmans Sampler Metal Cigar Box Style Guitar

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This is a Cigar Box Style Guitar made from a replica of a vintage metal “Whitmans Sampler” Box.

Grover style guitar tuners and Martin light phosphor bronze strings gives you a comfortable and very playable instrument. Also included is an under-bridge pick-up wired to a 1/4 inch jack allowing you to connect to any style guitar amp. The guitar comes with an vintage style brass stubby slide for slide guitar style playing.

Cigar Box Guitars originated in the depression era when folks could not afford to buy instruments and made their own from common items. In keeping with this tradition DHM Woodworking tries to use typical items that might have been used in that era with the exception of the more modern tuners, strings and pick-ups.

Keeping with the authenticity of a vintage cigar box instrument it has a sliding bridge made from a bolt. The hand shaped hardwood Poplar neck is a complete through the body design and fretboard is made of Red Oak. This guitar is a fretless design with the fret markers engraved on the top and side of the guitar for ease of playing.